Why gluten-free? We tell you exactly why!

We live in an age where there are a host of delicious food options available to us by the minute. You press a few buttons on the phone and there you go – your desired food is in front of you. But, while it is absolutely understandable to lend an ear to your taste buds, eating healthy should be paramount.

One of the many things that are a NO, NO for maintaining a healthy body is gluten. Think of the chewy texture of pizzas and burgers that are so feverishly highlighted in advertisements all around you. That, precisely, is the problem; that is gluten.

Gluten is essentially a protein found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It is also used in most baked goods and gives them a chewy texture. However, our body is not able to digest gluten at all. Its indestructible molecules can cause inflammation in the intestines of people with celiac disease. If it persists over a long time, it can also damage the small intestine.

Hence, most of the baked products that we so lovingly gorge on, can actually lead to some serious digestive problems in the long run. For those who want to eat tasty yet healthy, there are a variety of gluten-free products available in the market such as gluten-free pickle masala, gluten-free chapatis, gluten-free poori, gluten-free bhatura, gluten free and dairy pasta sauces which are not only healthy but are a treat for the senses. They are tailor-made for those in search of a weight loss diet.

So, from the next time, develop resistance towards gluten, not your gluttony!

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