The lesser-known advantages of millets

India welcomes all of its auspicious festivals with a variety of foods. However, one thing that remains constant in almost all festivals is that the everyday chapattis or parathas are replaced with pooris as the ‘Kadhai’ takes guard on the gas stove. This is when you know that the festive time has arrived.

Several researches have proven that consuming whole grain food can substantially help lose weight due to its rich content of fiber and bioactive compounds. This is why millets have been categorised as superfoods. Jowar, ragi and bajra are some of the most famous varieties of millets that are consumed in India.

Millets have a long list of advantages that are not pretty widely known. They can help fight diabetes 2 as they are rich in magnesium. Magnesium aids the production of many carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, even the ones which manage insulin’s action.

Millets are at par with fruits and vegetables as far as their nutritious value is concerned due to their ability to form antioxidants. The differentiator between the nutritional value of vegetables and millets is that these antioxidants in millets are in the bound form which need to be released on fermentation by bacteria.

Consumption of millets in optimum amount can also help combat heart diseases and breast cancer.

Acknowledging the several health benefits of millets, Somey’s kitchen has come up with gluten-free millets chapattis and gluten-free millets pooris for you to savour and be up and running.

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