Gluten-free vegans, we have you covered

As a vegetarian, one can sometimes run short of options. How long can you go eating potatoes, bottle guord, bitter guord, cabbage and the like?

When you plan an exotic meal, it generally circles around mushroom and several types of Paneer. What all have we done with Paneer can be a subject of scientific research – Kadai Paneer, Garlic Paneer, Paneer do Pyaza, Patrani paneer, Paneer musallam, Paneer tikka and what not.

But there are times when we long something different as the taste of these repeated varieties starts seeming almost insipid. This is when the Superman of the kitchen comes into the frame as this is the point of entry from where pickles come in the vegetarian ecosystem.

Since childhood, we have been fed with all sorts of pickles- mango pickles, gooseberry pickles, lemon pickles, garlic pickles, chili pickles etc. Even carrots have not been spared. As a child, we have cherished them along with almost everything veg in our kitchen; with parathas, with pooris and not least with ‘dal-chawal’.

To keep the trend going, Somey’s kitchen has come up with two varieties of pickled masala- Brinjal pickled masala and carrot pickle masala. These are just perfect when you are having rice and curry, biryani or even just with chapattis. They can also be used as a spread or sauce along with any type of bread.

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