Gluten-free newbies

A penny for your thoughts folks. A new and exciting range of Somey’s kitchen’s offerings is here. Made from gluten-free ingredients, it promises to take your senses on a ride while quenching your hunger for tasty food.

Under the Indian bread section, we have ready-to-eat gluten-free chapatis and pooris which are the first of their kind in the world. Made from a healthy combination of Tapioca, Amaranth, Bengal, Sorghum, Ragi and Flaxseed flour, they are a boon for healthy eaters.

For those with a special liking towards non-veg, we present gluten-free prawn pickled masala and gluten-free chicken pickled masala. The taste of deep-fried prawn and chicken goes to an altogether different level when mixed with subcontinental spices.

Ah! Worry not vegans across the board,  we have you covered as well. Our brinjal pickled masala and carrot pickled masala not only make for an ideal side serving but add immense value to the main course. Especially, these pickled masalas are at times an inseparable part of dishes like rice and curry or biryani.

So, what are you waiting for? The future is right here. Before you miss out, dive straight into bowls of delicacies brought to you by Somey’s kitchen

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