Craving for gluten-free non-veg? Come on in

There are a lot of things which unite India. Among other great things, there is one underrated thing which is not mentioned that often, which is our love for food.

India as a country is obsessed with food and a large population is absolutely crazy for non-veg food. Be it restaurant food chains or street food, the outlets serving non-veg are always crowded.

One of the most common orders that waiters receive in this country is butter chicken. It is obviously good to give into your eatery desires once in a while but almost everyone would know that it is not something which can be eaten on a daily basis as it not very easily digestible and can harm our metabolism if consumed frequently over a substantial time span.

However, there are various options available which can help you get a taste of non-veg without you having to compromise with your health. And when that option is gluten-free, what more can you ask for?

We, at Somey’s kitchen, bring you two varieties of gluten-free pickled masala which are an instant click with your everyday food.

Gluten-free prawn pickled masala is a delight when eaten along with breads, potatoes and all your evening savories. Similarly, gluten-free chicken pickled masala comprising spiced and pickled deep fried chicken, poultry arguably has never tasted this good!

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