5 Gluten Myths Busted

There are a lot of floating believes about gluten-free foods which can be harmful if followed blindly. Here are gluten myths that need fact checking:

Celiac disease is a minor disease

For those who believe that celiac disease is not serious, it would be worthwhile to know that it indeed is! It may not be fatal in itself but it renders the body more vulnerable to other diseases which can in turn causes serious harm.

Celiac disease is an immune disease and hence the person affected has an immune response to the gluten protein, which can adversely impact the small intestine.

Gluten-free foods are very expensive

Foods which are specifically prepared and packaged as gluten-free might be a bit expensive. But, there are several natural foods such as potatoes, rice, fruit, meat and vegetables which are gluten-free. In fact, milk products are also gluten-free and it not that expensive to make recipes out of them.

When it comes to gluten intolerance, you are your own doctor

Several people who have mild intolerance or allergy to gluten themselves conclude that they are affected from celiac disease, which might not be the case.

Whether you are gluten sensitive or are suffering from celiac disease, it is better to get it diagnosed by the doctor so that you are at least sure and can make informed food choices.

‘Wheat-free’ and ‘gluten-free’ labels are interchangeable

There is a high probability that a food which is wheat-free may also be gluten free but it is not absolute. Barley and rye are wheat-free foods that contain gluten. On the contrary, all gluten-free foods are free of wheat.

Going gluten-free means you will automatically lose weight

While it might be true that gluten-free foods, because of being relatively healthy, put less pressure on your gut and hence in some cases can aid in weight loss.

But, there is no guarantee that going gluten-free works like magic in order to lose weight. It might assist you along with other things but it certainly can’t be considered an independent instrument for weight loss.

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