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“Love is the secret ingredient in every dish I cook. That’s what makes  it great tasting food. As a wife and mum, I always aspire to make not just great tasting food but also healthy and nutritious meals that my family and friends can enjoy. And, now I am excited to take my recipes, creativity and cooking to a whole new level to share it with you all, I hope you enjoy it”


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Somey’s Kitchen launches the first ever Indian Pickled Masala as a side dish to spice up your main meal. It’s neither a pickle nor a masala. It’s the first of its kind, originated from Kerala but designed in the UK for anyone who loves to add spice to their food.

Bored of the same Rice & Curry? Need more flavors to relish your Indian cooking? Why not spice it up with some great tasting Indian seafood pickled masala’s as a condiment or side dish.

One for every occasion. Its ready to eat. Made from all healthy, flavourful and probiotic spices. Preserved naturally to maintain its authenticity.

Just few spoon full of pickled masala and…

– Curry Lovers would love it with their Rice and Curry.
– Sandwich Lovers can make a specialty Indian pickled masala sandwich or wraps.
– Relish your starters more now with meat pickled masala’s and poppadom.
– Enjoy it with your naan.
– Top it up with your cracker and cheese

Our Goal

VISION – To be an organization that honors God and to be the world leader in bringing niche and specialty food from the East to the West.

MISSION – To create a successful business globally on the intersection between three pillars – Great Tasting Food, Value for Money and Healthy Living, donate 50% of profits from every unit sold for a good cause and feed the hunger, eliminate poverty & empower children and women.

VALUES – Somey’s Kitchen stands by the below values on the back of which the company builds it’s success

S – Sustainability – Making positive progress for our business so that we can be a blessing to our families, employees and society.
O – Opportunistic – Being Opportunistic is key to making positive progress and moving forward
M – Making a Difference – This helps us be Innovative in every product we launch. Being unique and impacting our society.
E – Enthusiasm – This is our core value which drives our passion for food and eagerness to deliver value to our consumers.
Y – Yourself – We honor God and believe God has made us all for different purposes and uniquely. Identifying your individual talent and bringing that to the table as One Force is something we encourage all the time.

Discover Story
Somey's Story

Somey Samuel’s passion and interest for cooking started at a very young age. She has been an exceptional cook from the age of 9 and now even after 45 years, she has the same passion for great tasting food. With a very humble beginning in a rural town in South of India, Somey started to cook and take care of her siblings right from the age of nine as her mother was unwell. Her creativity started right from those days as all the vegetables and meat was available in her own father’s farm. With all the organic ingredients available, she built her cooking skills by trying new dishes on a daily basis to keep her siblings entertained with great tasting and a variety of different types of food.

She always puts her own creative twist to every dish she makes. Just like good wine, her food gets better with age. She believes cooking is an art and enjoys hospitality by cooking and serving home made authentic specialties to her family, friends and everyone who visits her home.

Somey now lives with her beloved husband V.M Samuel in Bangalore, India and have dedicated their lives together to serve God and people.

Through Somey’s Kitchen, she dreams to extend her hospitality to the nations by serving her delicious home made speciality dishes. As a mum, she wraps all her food with LOVE!

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Meet The Founders
Joel & Sandy

To make Somey’s dream a reality, Joel and Sandy as her children have taken a leap of faith and start this business naming it Somey’s Kitchen.


Joel Jerome is a successful business executive with over 15 years of experience working in global amarkets especially in UK, Europe, Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa, North America and parts of APAC. As a sales lead, he has won over $500 Million USD worth global contracts over the past 7 years.
Relationship with Somey – Son-in-law


Sandy Samuel Jerome, wife of Joel Jerome is a Journalist by profession. She has worked with Google and Trinity Mirror Group as an Account Manager. With close to a decade of experience, she has deep domain experiece in PR, online advertising and digital marketing.
Relationship with Somey – Eldest daugheter

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